About Us

What is Three County Collective?

A food delivery service like no other! Each week we will deliver the Farmers Market directly to your front door. Our menu will be updated weekly and will be filled with an array of fresh local produce, locally raised meats and a wide variety of local specialty foods that you will only find at a farmers market or when visiting one of the North Bay’s amazing towns. Our vision is simple: Local, Fresh, Healthy, Delivered. And since majority of the goods we carry will be from Marin, Napa & Sonoma, we have chosen the name “Three County Collective”.

Three County Collective is a win-win for all locals. First, we are providing an important service to area residents. Second, we are supporting the North Bay economy by promoting and selling "very" local goods. Lastly, by promoting the delivery of local high quality goods, we can assist in reducing the carbon footprint, important for our environment. 

Each Week is a New Week

A major advantage with Three County is getting the freshest and best tasting seasonal foods. As the months and seasons change, so will our menu, so check back each week to see what's new. While certain goods are usually available, other items, such as produce or meats are impacted by the harvest, season, and growing conditions. This actually means your table is getting the freshest items that are actually in season, just how it should be!


Placing Your Order

Our weekly menu will be available in advance so you can B.Y.O.B (Build your own bag) before the deadline of Sunday evening 11:59 PM. Supplies are limited and products will most certainly sell out. There is a $50 minimum order and a $4 handling fee, which is charged at checkout. Your order will be delivered BEFORE 8AM on Wednesday morning.


How to Shop Three County Collective

It’s Easy! You B.Y.O.B. from our four main areas: From the FARM, off the RANCH, in the PANTRY or from our KITCHEN, just like you would as you stroll the farmers market! When you’re finished, follow the easy checkout where you can leave a note for us. Your order will be delivered to your front door in one of our beautiful insulated eco-friendly grocery totes. The tote will be exchanged on your next delivery, another way to help our environment by eliminating the unnecessary use or paper and plastic packaging!

Our pricing is very competitive with leading organic grocery stores and your local farmers market but much more convenient!




Our four main shopping areas to explore:

From the FARM. We work with local organic or “naturally grown”* farmers who supply us with a wonderful variety of fruits, vegetables or greens. Check out our website each week to see our full menu of fresh, seasonal products.

Off the RANCH. Continue to BYOB with eggs, meats, poultry and cheeses, oh my! We bring to you these high quality, fresh products that only local area farms can produce.

In the PANTRY. Here’s where things really get exciting because of what the North Bay can offer in unique food, beverage and specialty items that you are not likely to find at any traditional grocery or supermarket.

Cooking in the KITCHEN. We’ll give you a helping hand in the kitchen by providing you with delicious homemade prepared foods. From organic salads to delicious homemade soups and specialty dishes. We use all the wonderful fresh, seasonal foods from the North Bay to bring our kitchen to your home.


Not from the Three Counties, but always quality and responsibly sourced!

We understand that our customers want certain fruits and vegetables that can’t be grown locally or just may not be in season. So occasionally, especially in the winter, you will find foods from areas outside the three counties. But be assured that everything we offer is only of the highest quality and responsibly sourced whether Organically Certified, Fair Trade Certified, Green Forest Certified or Naturally Grown Agriculture.






We’re not a typical grocery delivery like so many others.  We are a collection of truly local specialty products and will strive to make it super convenient to take advantage of all the wonderful foods grown right here at home!  









Any questions? Click for our “Frequently Asked Questions” page.