Frequently Asked Questions

How does Three County work?

Its very easy. You Build Your Own Bag (B.Y.O.B) and shop just like you're at the Farmer’s Market! With our B.Y.O.B program you get the opportunity to be creative and have fun shopping local. Don't forget to check our weekly suggestions & specials where we bundle local goods and make ordering super easy. We have a $50 minimum order and a $4 handling fee. Your order will be delivered in one of our beautiful insulated eco-friendly grocery totes, which we will exchange on your next order. We are eliminating the unnecessary use of paper and plastic packaging!

Our pricing is very competitive with leading organic grocery stores, the local farmers market and other specialty grocery delivery services.


What is the ordering process?

Essentially, this is what it takes to get local fresh picked organic produce and tasty delectables right to your door. Here’s how it breaks down:

Sunday- You have until 11:59 PM to place your order.

Monday- Orders are placed with various farms, ranches and specialty food providers all over the three counties.

Tuesday- Harvest time! Your order is “literally” being picked or made by our wonderful local farmers and artisans.

Wednesday- In the middle of the night we’re packaging and delivering right to your front door so you have an early morning surprise!

How do I receive my delivery? 

When you open your front door Wednesday morning you'll have a very cool bag stuffed with local goodness!

You can really help make the process easier by letting us know of any obstacles to finding your house or front door. We can't deliver to any backyard entrances and if you live in an apartment or condo, we must be able to get into the complex and/or building. We ask that you leave detailed instructions on the checkout page. 

If you do not think someone will be able to receive your bag within a few hours, we ask you to leave a cooler out or instructions to leave your bag somewhere covered or in the shade. You can do this on the checkout page.

Why do you deliver in the middle of night?

Just like the milkman in the good old days, we deliver in the middle of the night. We do this for a few reasons. For starters it cuts down on traffic concerns making us more efficient while using less gas. Next, the middle of the night is the coolest part of the day. We’d hate to deliver in the high heat with the sun beating down. We also completely understand that people are busy and the last thing you need is concern of when will your food will arrive or will it sit outside for to long. By delivering overnight, we alleviate as much risk as possible for a win-win for all. Not to mention, who doesn’t want a wonderful bag of local foods first thing in the morning?

What will my order be delivered in?

We’re thinking outside the box! Reduce the use of paper bags and boxes with our eco-friendly, water repellent & insulated grocery tote. It features a watertight zipper, a bottom insert for strength and reinforced handles for heavy duty loads. Our bag is sturdy and well insulated, designed to keep your products cool for extended hours.

** We clean and reuse our bags, so please leave them out on your next delivery. We also can reuse ice packs and thermal pouches. We appreciate it kindly, so does MOTHER EARTH!

Why purchase from Three County?

We provide the freshest selection of very local produce and goods in the North Bay. With our evolving relationships with different vendors we have the ability to charge less than most stores carrying organic produce. Most of the produce you receive will have literally just been picked the day before.  Our mission is to support local companies, take advantage of this wonderful area we live in, cut down on the carbon footprint, eliminate some of your time at the market and most of all our delivery service will no doubt keep our customers eating healthy!

What if something in my order isn’t available? 

If one of our vendors has an issue getting a product that your ordered it will be taken off your bill or you will be reimbursed. 


Can I change my order?

You can request a complete refund as long as you do so before the order deadline. You will get refunded the full amount and then you can place a completely new order.

How do we pack our meats and dairy?

All of our temperature sensitive items (dairy, meat, etc) are packed separately and kept in cold storage right up until the time of delivery. If you'd like to leave a cooler out, we are happy to repack for you.


Are all your products from the Three Counties?

Almost everything, at least 95%!!! We know our customers want certain produce even those that may not be locally grown. Whether it’s not the season or just not grown in our climate, we still want to provide some products at an affordable price. Local or not, we only buy the highest quality and responsibly sourced produce!  The farms we purchase from all carry very high standards. This includes:  Organic Certified, Fair Trade Certified, Green Forest Certified & Local Naturally Grown.

Is all of your produce organic?

The produce we purchase for you is either Certified Organic or Naturally Grown. Both keep the soil and plants healthy and free from all pesticides and artificial chemicals, producing beautiful food with extremely low environmental impact. This creates a self-nourishing system which yields better quality crops and also benefits the community by preserving green spaces and wildlife habitats, protecting the soils, conserving resources, and stimulating the local economy.

The more being harvested in our three counties (Marin, Sonoma & Napa), the more local produce we’ll have on our menu!