Our Mission

Our goal is simple:  To support local farms, ranches and specialty food & beverage providers by conveniently and affordably connecting them with our clientele. We live in a one of kind area that produces a variety of foods like no other. We aim to help reduce the carbon footprint by providing weekly deliveries of local and sustainably grown fruits, vegetables & greens, along with numerous local specialties that you may find at your farmers market or while visiting one of the amazing towns in the Three County of the North Bay. Many of our products you will not find at any local markets (farmers or grocery store).

We love our local farmers market and we enjoy exploring our local areas, but we also know time can be limited and we can’t always make it out.  With Three County Collective, you can enjoy the best of a variety of local goods delivered to your door step, leaving the legwork to us!

A major advantage with Three County is that product availability constantly fluctuates. As the months and seasons change, so will our menu, so please check back each week to see what is new. While certain goods are usually available, other items, such as produce or meats are impacted by the harvest, season, and growing conditions. This actually means your table is getting the freshest items that are actually in season, just how it should be.

We’re not a “grocery store” delivery like so many other services.  We are a collection of “truly” local specialty products and will strive to make it super convenient to take advantage of all the wonderful foods grown right here at home!  


Thank You for shopping with Three County Collective. Thank you for Buying & Supporting Local.