Support Local This Holiday Season!!

Our Story




I have been involved in the food and hospitality industry for some time now. I started working in food at the young age of 14, in the mid 80’s. Since then I have worked in numerous cafes and restaurants in Michigan (my home state), Burlington, Vermont, Chicago and now the Bay Area. 

A new chapter started when my wife Ali and our two boys moved to Marin five years ago and soon after became regular shoppers at the Sunday Marin Farmers Market. What a joy it was for two foodies new to the area. We loved going to the market whether it was just the two of us or with friends and definitely when visitors were in town (yes, we love to show off). But then reality set in; busy work schedules, all our kid’s school events and activities, and before we knew it, we ended up skipping many of our weekly food adventures. 

When we did miss a Sunday at the market we noticed a big difference. At the Farmers Market our whole shopping attitude was different. We took our time shopping. We explored. We talked to the vendors. And we shopped healthy, fresh and whenever possible, local. And you could taste the difference in the foods we prepared. Occasional salad days became an everyday love affair. When we missed a market day and our shopping was relegated to our neighborhood supermarket, it was different. Shopping went from fun and exciting to ho hum.

This perked my curiosity. We loved the market yet so many of our friends were only casual visitors. Some didn’t bother at all. So I started asking around. Neighbors, colleagues and acquaintances. What kept them from being regulars to the market? Was it the prices? No. Any quality concerns? No. Not enough of a variety? No. How about the time spent going? BINGO!  This was why so many people don't visit the market on a consistent basis. Too much time and not terribly convenient. I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised. After all  this was the main reason we couldn’t go every week.

Then the light bulb went off. If you can’t get to the Farmers Market, we'll bring the Farmers Market to you! 

Not just groceries. There are plenty of delivery services that can do that. We're talking about what makes California and in particular Northern California so special when it comes to food. There aren't  many places in the country that produce such an amazing variety of foods so close to home and that’s why California Farmers Markets are so fabulous. What you find at the market is special and that’s what we will deliver to your front door each week. Fresh, organic, locally sourced foods and specialty products you won’t always find at your local supermarket and we will do it for a fraction of your weekly food budget. And supporting our local community and it’s business doesn’t hurt either. It’s a win win for everyone.





David Levine.